Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1. Lester Beall (1903–1969) was a twentieth-century American graphic designer notable as a leading proponent of modernist graphic designer in the United States. I chose Lester because of his prominent style of choppiness with an abstract feel. The forms can still be seen with him however he ads his own characteristics and emotions to his work. His work uses bold color and does not really have a sense of depth. He is very strong in his design style and less is more with his design. Lester has said, “Through all my life as a designer I have spent considerable time developing myself as an artist. I am constantly drawing, with particular emphasis on the figure, which I find fascinating though difficult in terms of evolving something that is not completely abstract but certainly not literal or realistic.”

Ken Cato is a graphic Designer of today that works in large environments with many different materials and structures. He is well known for his graphics and his style is very unique to the item he is working with. He co owns Cato design and is very powerful in his graphics. The interest of his work allowed me to focus more on him and his understanding of design. He is very unique in his style of work and his style is very versatile to all materials he is designing with.

3. Julian Legendre is a designer now as well. His work was fascinating with me in her aspect of how she works well with paper cut out uses the negative space of the color background to incorporate a shape also has dimension in design and texture with the paper and the elements on the poster. This style is very unique and the texture created is fascinating to me. I love the incorporation of the bold one color palette to the white paper that is cut out and folded on to reveal the color below. This style is very unique and speaks passionately about his work and the boldness of his style and use of materials

**The Three artists I will be using**

Herb Lubalin (1918-1981) was a prominent American graphic designer. His style is very much with the time frame of the Avant Garde movement and he even designed a typeface ITC Avante Garde. Post Modernism style or rejecting what was wanted and creating a graphics incorporation of his own personality and call it design. His style is fascinating to me in how the text he uses creates a design of its own and then he incorporates photography or illustrations add even more to his compositions. It has been said that coming to terms with Herb Lubalin's work takes you quickly to the heart of a very big subject: the theory of meaning and how meaning is communicated—how an idea is moved, full and resonant, from one mind to another. Not many have been able to do that better than Lubalin.

Jennifer Morla born in 1955 and studied conceptual art at Hartford Art School. She is an American graphic designer and her style take contemporary items and twist them to be a rejection of culture but accepted as a great graphic designer. I chose her work because of the styling aspect she uses as well as the bold in your face design. Her incorporation of the page is quit fascinating in how she still cuts up the page but receives a strong cohesive feel.

Yulia Brodskaya - (born in 1983, in Moscow) is an artist and illustrator known for her handmade elegant and detailed paper illustrations. This style is intriguing to me and very interesting. Different then any style I have seen using paper and whitespace to create a visual texture and form to the page. Her style is unique and can be incorpaterated in so many ways with different words and meanings and the exploration of bold color on white paper makes an aesthetic feel and allows the paper to pop off the page.

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