Monday, March 28, 2011

journal entry 8

Type means never having to say your sorry- Have a reason for choosing and conveying a certain typeface. Take in to account more then just the liking of a typefaces but the readability to copyfitting to how it will translate on the screen and even into other languages you have to think universal when picking a font. Type should extend and amplify the message through how it is conveyed on the page. Type should display the feel and mood of the message.

In replace of futura I chose to go with either helvetica which has a less geometric characteristic style and a less drastic points and curves, also trade gothic could be used if needed to fit more text on the page because of the smaller character width.
Designing under the influence - This article refers to the fact of designing something that has already been designed or taken or the lack of research that new designers have completed before starting to design their own work, I agree in some since that we should know what has already been done and what is successful however that also influence how we design and creates the possibility of creating something similar to what is already out their. coming up with the absolute new design of something is virtually impossible at this day and age and something may always reference something is a slight way. But our job as new designers is to make it our own and create from our perspective.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

journal entry 7

typography photos from the car ride home from missouri! Many of these signs chose to incorporate a serif and san serif font together. Also many used color to attract attention.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Journal Entry 6

What single example of design inspires you most?

Jessica Hische - the works that students are doing now and that the students will be doing in the next few years -- type design and lettering smashing pumpkins album

Kit Hinrichs - typography not the letter forms themselves but the way the letter forms are expressed and their emotional values that creates them ( delicate, bold, obscure) all kinds of things are part of the message - an art form

Deborah Adler - Pieta in Rome by michael angelo - connected to the piece and feel what she was feeling and gave off raw emotion - that we could strive for in design work

Ken Carbone - engeinutity utility and beautify - its a great idea and its its useful it is essentially beautiful ( drum) - water - live in africa carrying water ( water retrieval device) large flat doughnut with a cap (fill water into the drum) - carry the drum back and easy to carry

gong szeto - maps and visualization ( heartland - designer who makes amazing maps) - sheer volume of work of the map to tell a story and points of view - knowledge of the word through images and maps

what problem should design solve next?

Jessica Hische - address the problems that are going to happen with the death of print and the transition to the web

Kit Hinrichs - security before getting on the air plane -- conveyer belts that were designed a long time ago and look at a new design- industrial designer

Deborah Adler - not be defined by athletic and style but thinking about the person who is at the heart of that design and realizing who you are designing for

Ken Carbone - absolutely anything to do with education - teacher should be twice as much as lawyers - unformed society doesn't have much future ( transfer of information leads to education which leads to knowledge and the result is empowerment)

Gong Szeto - the power of thoughtful design in telling a story and transmuting critical knowledge working in the area that we make practicality and making the world smarter with design

My answers to the questions -

What single exempt of design inspires you most? I have never really thought about this questions in a practical way I guess many things that have to do with graphics and advertising inspire me but i would say the design of nature and the trees and floral things that help create a cleaner environment - I also think that we can design off of the complexity yet simplicity of nature and the things that we are given around us.

What problem should design solve next? I think design should help solve the small supply of food and water and medicine for the third-world countries I think there should be a industrial design firm who could come up with something that would make food and water last longer without going bad or clean up cities and streets for the health of people

Friday, March 4, 2011

question on typography

What are the advantages of a multiple column grid.? place more text and get more information unto the page in an organized manner

How many characters is optimal for a line length? 66 character line is ideal words per line? - 9-10 words per line

Why is the baseline grid used in design? one reason is to print double sided and the lines match up and that each line matches up with the next in parallel fashion

What is a typographic river? gaps that run down a paragraph of text due to many words matching up together, then can occur regardless of use but usually show up when the font is justified or a monospaced font is used.

From the readings what does clothesline or flow line mean? is a measure that is horizontal that divided the page into spatial divisions and allows for the help of more alignments of added visual elements.

How can you incorporate white space into your designs? by drastic indentions or meaningful breaks in lines to create a space for the rest.

What is type color/texture mean? the kerning between the letters or the weight of the line widths of the letters allow more or less white space to show through creating color with type

What is x-height, how does it effect type color? The x height is the height to which the letters are measured and the x height is simple the height of the lower case x of that certain font

In justification or H&J terms what do the numbers: minimum, optimum, maximum mean? Maximum is the space adjusted to make it justified n the line optimum is the need to fit the most words on a line and minim refers to the least amount of words before and after a hyphen

What are some ways to indicate a new paragraph. Are there any rules? rule - don't indent the first paragraph. you can chose to do a running indent a hanging indent

What are some things to look out for when hyphenating text. leave at least two characters behind and take three forward on to the next page, avoid leaving any word shorter than 4 letters at the end of a line, avoid more than three consecutive hyphenated lines, hyphenate proper names only as a last resort unless they occur with the frequency of common nouns, hyphenate according to the conventions of the language

What is a literature? Literature is a noun and represents the art of composition in prose or verse. It also can be used as a term to represent the whole body of literary compositions or may be by language or a particular subject. It is matter that is regarded as printed or may be referred to as literary matter.

What does CMYK and RGB mean? cyan magenta yellow black, -- red green and blue

What does hanging punctuation mean? the quotation mark hangs outside of the quotes

What is the difference between a foot mark and an apostrophe? an apostrophe is a single closing quotation mark, and a footmark is for measurement and it has no difference in weight of the mark

What is the difference between an inch mark and a quote mark (smart quote)? quote is words and inch mark is for measurement and it has to do with the weight from top to bottom of the mark

What is a hyphen, en dash and em dashes, what are the differences and when are they used.An en dash is approximately the size of of the width of a capital N. It is used between words indicating a duration, such as hour time or month or year, use it where you might put the word “to.” There can also be a small (not a full) space on both sides of the en dash. Also an en dash is used when you have a compound adjective and one of the adjectives is made up of two words or a hyphenated word.

An em dash is twice as long at an en dash and is about the size of a capital M. Used in the same way as a color or parentheses, or it indicates a change in thought. It can also be used as a period if a period is too strong and a comma is too weak. It is equivalent to a double hyphen.

What are ligatures, why are they used, when are they not used, what are common ligatures: a special word that combines two maybe three letters into single characters. look better and help fix the problem of letters touching each other at weird angles. they are used only with extreme care and only to fix line spacing, common ligatures are fi, fl, ff,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal entry 5

Jonathan Harris - Cold and Bold

kept very elaborate sketch books (photos sketches watercolor, ticket stubs) use new skill set of thought to have the same humanity level as sketch books word count, and 10x10 metaphor of an apartment building - typography system consisting of 3d lights and person in each apartment inside -- concept been taken and had to go back to scratch and learn new solution to problem - wrote a program (large and complicated) create a project for love and self. I have to live to work. That’s what Hemingway used to say computer program a beautiful thing small and smile and can turn into a nightmare. total rationality of the computer program can be traced back to the problem and can be fixed, the act of expression code hard to express yourself act of expression then a painter of sculptor. Resistance of the medium. the code that is resisting to the way in which you want it to work and being sensitive to the media. The web is a new program of the early 90's then the housing idea came into play with many companies home pages and navigation that are lost in transition between designer and company. outcomes over ideas - idea is not the goal but the goal is the goal the idea i how you work your way up to the outcome - how does the outcome make you feel?