Monday, March 28, 2011

journal entry 8

Type means never having to say your sorry- Have a reason for choosing and conveying a certain typeface. Take in to account more then just the liking of a typefaces but the readability to copyfitting to how it will translate on the screen and even into other languages you have to think universal when picking a font. Type should extend and amplify the message through how it is conveyed on the page. Type should display the feel and mood of the message.

In replace of futura I chose to go with either helvetica which has a less geometric characteristic style and a less drastic points and curves, also trade gothic could be used if needed to fit more text on the page because of the smaller character width.
Designing under the influence - This article refers to the fact of designing something that has already been designed or taken or the lack of research that new designers have completed before starting to design their own work, I agree in some since that we should know what has already been done and what is successful however that also influence how we design and creates the possibility of creating something similar to what is already out their. coming up with the absolute new design of something is virtually impossible at this day and age and something may always reference something is a slight way. But our job as new designers is to make it our own and create from our perspective.

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