Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal entry 9

Journal entry 9 Jakob rollback SVA MFA Designer as Author:Guest Lectures

• add motion to design you learn new things that you wouldn't learn with print

• design is a language to express things with (you can do so much with it and it can play on so many levels

•going to have to make sense of what your doing - get a job and have a job without making any sense -- some people do not care about what it is saying

• how do you make an impact ? hard to change someone's mind, pressure doesn't work, discussions rarely help (should work but they don't)

•emotions hard to reach a big audience -- emotional work is very individual

•participation is the most attracting thing to get people involved in design -- leaving something out to allow the viewer to complete the design

•every human is creative in a way - positive driving force for mankind

•all personal discoveries have creative thinking -- good creative thinking gives you a personal discovery

•be inspired tell stories and let things happen

•to make people think and get engaged in whatever it is we are designing

•if motion doesn't work in print then we don't believe in them

• inspiration - is to look elsewhere besides the design books

• taking an inspiration from one media and using it in the other media

•different inspirations can start your thinking about shapes and forms

• helvetica - base level like Bach music - specific and only used what he needed

•interesting in the mixture of media

•higher education for the poor school -- they would have a say in more matters if they knew that could have a say in the matter

•have a mood, can tie all together and now need a thing to represent the network

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