Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Words of Speech

I have tried to educate, if I have not succeeded all together, I have certainly educated my self about these questions and also about these wonderful human beings that are America. Just remember who you are, you are Americans. Your forbearers found a wilderness and they began to converted into a fair land with only three weapons, with a bible an axe and a plow. Nothing stayed them, neither the perils of death, nor wounds, nor savaged mountains, nor wide rivers, nor the unknown into which they plunged. They were of every racial stoke and religious faith, and each brought something of the old country to the new country and different though they were they became one. This is our heritage and this our true glory we are a people I tell you, that is just beginning its high adventure on this continent. It is a adventure in which young, though we are, we have done this. Our people have had more happiness and prosperity over a wider area, for a longer time, then man have ever had since they began to live in ordinate societies 4,000 years ago. Since we have come so far, who shall be ration enough to set limits on our future progress? Who shall say that since we have gone so far we can go no farther? Who shall say that the American dream is ended? For my self I believe that all we have done upon this continent is but a prelude to a future in which we shall become not only a bigger people, but also wiser people, a better people, an even a greater people. I believe in which we may achieve not only a higher standard of living, but also a higher standard of life. Never forget this there is little we Americans can not do if only we can imagine ourselves wanting to do it. Power alone is not enough, nor is faith alone equal to the task, the future is to those who take it. We shall strike off the shackles that still bind the United States. It is the duty of leaders to lead, of the creative to create of the daring to do. The free world expects leadership of us, its fate in our fate depends upon our leadership. The life or death issue of war or peace hangs upon it. We are 155 million strong. We are industrious, inventive, restless, with the fires that burn within us. We are free striding people with a confident free swinging stride that marks the American every where he goes upon this earth. We are conquers of time and distance. We have explored the awful jungles of matter and emerged with the powers of the exploding sun. Our cause is just. Our heart is high and let us then, I say, press forward toward the new world that we can create in the name of America and of suffering humanity still in chains. Now you say words, beautiful words, but how do we do all of this with a staggering budget of heavy taxes surrounded by the communist menace and feeble Europe, Asia in ferment, our boys in war, training for war. Well I say that nothing is easy, and the best things are the hardest, but consider what was done at valley forge, what was done in the dark days of destruction and disaster in the civil war in the two world wars. When the very survival of western civilization trembled and in the depression. There is nothing new, only different, and our troubles all our immense difficulties now and in the future can I say be solved if we have the will, the courage, the boldness to face them, face them squarely, and to used senica phrased man is more then a rational animal and invoking the guidance of providence. Rational man animated by the destiny of greatness can think, and can act, and can do greatly, thank you.

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