Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Entry 10

Videos off of GOOD website

The State of the Planet: The background music goes along with the text. helps you move through the screen as well as speaking to you as well. not to complicated but still interesting, and esay to follow. The graphics also transition well from different concepts to create a flowing composition

Stroke, a silent killer of women: The graphics are easy to follow and flow through the page the type doesn’t compete with the imagery instead it complements the imagery. The type is also placed throughout to help fills gaps and also give meaning to the imagery. Different angles of imagery and type also help create a unique and different composition

Youth Movement: The info graphic does a good job and piling a lot of information in a interesting format. The way in which the type is placed among the graphics help simplify the composition and also bring a flow throughout the composition. The hierarchy is also needed within the type of headers and subheads to allow the viewer to be easily helped along what he/she is looking at.

Pledge to do good: Very interesting in the way that the interaction and graphics work with the concept of this info graphic. The information is easy to following and read. As well as there is a theme to how the colors are organized and the composition is placed. I do not like how balanced the composition is however with the giant chart and the pie graph I wish the chart was smaller and as you clicked on a piece that category got bigger to be able to see the numbers but still make it visually unbalanced and interesting

The timber trade: This info graphic is very complete it its design yet has a very aesthetic feel. The way in which the lines move and interact and the colors that are involved help guide the eye through what is trying to be shown. The image was most visually interesting for me in the way the lines created shapes and styles with in the forms.

Which city is best for biking: has a quick interlude and info graphic to move you through the image and be able to share all of the needed information that flows through the graphic. The ending however is funky in the way that it just cuts off. The way that type is placed on the composition also has a nice feel of hierarchy.

Lobbying: this video is made perfect for its audience, the children. The animation is easy and yet flows well throughout the composition. This Movie could also be done with type only and the words of the song. There is a easy flow between transitions that has a natural non jerky flow throughout the composition.

Subways: Has a cohesive feel of old retro game. The choppiness of the video works well with the style of how the intention of the film was created. The additive music is a little distracting from the film. Different technique to show information graphics and relate an interactive video to an audience

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