Friday, April 22, 2011

print vs. motion

How do you think the audienc experience will change based on the media? The media has a large impact of the speed and the comprehension of the piece. For a print piece the viewer can take as mush time as they want analyzing and understanding the words and they can put emphasis on their choosing.

What will the audience exprience in print. In print the audience experiences a personal intimate booklet with words on the paper. They will be able to flip through the piece and understand the feeling and emotion of the speaker through the way the type is treated.

In Motion there is a different experience between the piece and the audience. motion can be veiwed n large and small screens with sounds and effes to the type. The speech will be moving and anamated and the designer has a lot more control on what they would like to put the most emphasis on. There is also time and transtions that the designer has to worry about.

What can you do in print that you can't do in motion. Print you can control where the viewers eye goes and how the speech flows through the pages. It can be hand held and there is no time or motion involved.

What can you do in motion (in aftereffects) that you can't do in print? Make type move, simple as that. You create time and movement with sound to create the feeling and allow the audience to feel involved in the speech and allow the speech to impact the viewer with how you animated it.

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