Monday, April 25, 2011

journal entry 12

David Carson - spreads out composition and starts designing to what makes sense to him. He was making self indulgent work, as the design world grows it is important for you to put yourself into the work. His work is not very structured very sporadic and poppy, however it definitely has emotions and movement on the page, and his compositions are very flow and he try to incorporate words to his design. The starting point is trying to interpret what you just read and listened too to see where it goes. Where do you compositions come from? How do people react to your work? do you care about what the audience is perceiving about your work or are you just designing from yourself? Do you think that design has moved to a more personal aspect then trying to please the client?

Paula Scher - signage - things about being new and pop out of the place it is in. Started did Jazz style and it should almost all be in order and one being off to catch your attention. Her style is loud and invisible and urban. all about words and type and how they work together and can show motion and style. operate with instincts and try again and then give up you have to get it first off. Never been a refiner, big bold strokes that come clearly. Illustrate with type not to just rub type down on a corner but use it as a design aspect. One moment you figure it out and you get it and it gets really exciting and you never get over that feeling of accomplishing something. What are you going to say to people who aware by a process book and say that your first ideas just scratch the service on where you could go? what got you interested in signage?

Milton Glaser - “art is work” where is he going with design - doesn’t know until his life is over and he has his work to look back on. feel close to the life of the artist then that adds the relationships of artists. Art is a gift and needs to be based on to create more art. This is what artist do in culture artist provide the gift to the culture so that people have something in common. The ability to transfer ideas from one to another doesn’t matter who you effect but you will effect, your community, family, city and possibly the world. Most interesting thing in ones later life - if you can sustain your interest for long periods of time, loose interest and get tired, and also loose your compacity for astonishment. benefit for being in the arts is the possibility for learning never disappears. What is the most important aspect to design? Do you recommended teaching to al designers?

Friday, April 22, 2011

print vs. motion

How do you think the audienc experience will change based on the media? The media has a large impact of the speed and the comprehension of the piece. For a print piece the viewer can take as mush time as they want analyzing and understanding the words and they can put emphasis on their choosing.

What will the audience exprience in print. In print the audience experiences a personal intimate booklet with words on the paper. They will be able to flip through the piece and understand the feeling and emotion of the speaker through the way the type is treated.

In Motion there is a different experience between the piece and the audience. motion can be veiwed n large and small screens with sounds and effes to the type. The speech will be moving and anamated and the designer has a lot more control on what they would like to put the most emphasis on. There is also time and transtions that the designer has to worry about.

What can you do in print that you can't do in motion. Print you can control where the viewers eye goes and how the speech flows through the pages. It can be hand held and there is no time or motion involved.

What can you do in motion (in aftereffects) that you can't do in print? Make type move, simple as that. You create time and movement with sound to create the feeling and allow the audience to feel involved in the speech and allow the speech to impact the viewer with how you animated it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Journal Entry 11

Who is Debbie Millman? president of the design division at sterling brands and one of the leading brand identity firms in the country. and she is the host of the radio show "Design Matters" on She is the President of AIGA and the author of three books:.

What is Design Matters? Is a internet talk show that is opinionated shoe that combines graphic design , branding and cultural anthropology.

What did you find interesting about the interview Audio design matters with Ralph Caplan (received the design mind award in 2010, also an author), “difference between making things right and making things nice. What do you need to know about packaging, what the items are that are needed to be packaging and what is used to package the item. Wrote an article on McDonald Hamburger, as marketing research, based on meat the amount of pickle and sauce. Approach to writing, constant effort to convenience people that everything is a design. Design isn't going to get anywhere until people realize that the things they created were not complete until people wee able to take in to account the situation that it was being designed for. Situation design is his idea on how things are designed and the situation for the design they are incorporated in. Products have a life of how long they will stay in style. The designers goal is to make things right not just to make things nice. This talk show consisted mostly of Ralph talking about his background and life and answering questions that Debbie would have regarding his designing background.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Entry 10

Videos off of GOOD website

The State of the Planet: The background music goes along with the text. helps you move through the screen as well as speaking to you as well. not to complicated but still interesting, and esay to follow. The graphics also transition well from different concepts to create a flowing composition

Stroke, a silent killer of women: The graphics are easy to follow and flow through the page the type doesn’t compete with the imagery instead it complements the imagery. The type is also placed throughout to help fills gaps and also give meaning to the imagery. Different angles of imagery and type also help create a unique and different composition

Youth Movement: The info graphic does a good job and piling a lot of information in a interesting format. The way in which the type is placed among the graphics help simplify the composition and also bring a flow throughout the composition. The hierarchy is also needed within the type of headers and subheads to allow the viewer to be easily helped along what he/she is looking at.

Pledge to do good: Very interesting in the way that the interaction and graphics work with the concept of this info graphic. The information is easy to following and read. As well as there is a theme to how the colors are organized and the composition is placed. I do not like how balanced the composition is however with the giant chart and the pie graph I wish the chart was smaller and as you clicked on a piece that category got bigger to be able to see the numbers but still make it visually unbalanced and interesting

The timber trade: This info graphic is very complete it its design yet has a very aesthetic feel. The way in which the lines move and interact and the colors that are involved help guide the eye through what is trying to be shown. The image was most visually interesting for me in the way the lines created shapes and styles with in the forms.

Which city is best for biking: has a quick interlude and info graphic to move you through the image and be able to share all of the needed information that flows through the graphic. The ending however is funky in the way that it just cuts off. The way that type is placed on the composition also has a nice feel of hierarchy.

Lobbying: this video is made perfect for its audience, the children. The animation is easy and yet flows well throughout the composition. This Movie could also be done with type only and the words of the song. There is a easy flow between transitions that has a natural non jerky flow throughout the composition.

Subways: Has a cohesive feel of old retro game. The choppiness of the video works well with the style of how the intention of the film was created. The additive music is a little distracting from the film. Different technique to show information graphics and relate an interactive video to an audience

Words of Speech

I have tried to educate, if I have not succeeded all together, I have certainly educated my self about these questions and also about these wonderful human beings that are America. Just remember who you are, you are Americans. Your forbearers found a wilderness and they began to converted into a fair land with only three weapons, with a bible an axe and a plow. Nothing stayed them, neither the perils of death, nor wounds, nor savaged mountains, nor wide rivers, nor the unknown into which they plunged. They were of every racial stoke and religious faith, and each brought something of the old country to the new country and different though they were they became one. This is our heritage and this our true glory we are a people I tell you, that is just beginning its high adventure on this continent. It is a adventure in which young, though we are, we have done this. Our people have had more happiness and prosperity over a wider area, for a longer time, then man have ever had since they began to live in ordinate societies 4,000 years ago. Since we have come so far, who shall be ration enough to set limits on our future progress? Who shall say that since we have gone so far we can go no farther? Who shall say that the American dream is ended? For my self I believe that all we have done upon this continent is but a prelude to a future in which we shall become not only a bigger people, but also wiser people, a better people, an even a greater people. I believe in which we may achieve not only a higher standard of living, but also a higher standard of life. Never forget this there is little we Americans can not do if only we can imagine ourselves wanting to do it. Power alone is not enough, nor is faith alone equal to the task, the future is to those who take it. We shall strike off the shackles that still bind the United States. It is the duty of leaders to lead, of the creative to create of the daring to do. The free world expects leadership of us, its fate in our fate depends upon our leadership. The life or death issue of war or peace hangs upon it. We are 155 million strong. We are industrious, inventive, restless, with the fires that burn within us. We are free striding people with a confident free swinging stride that marks the American every where he goes upon this earth. We are conquers of time and distance. We have explored the awful jungles of matter and emerged with the powers of the exploding sun. Our cause is just. Our heart is high and let us then, I say, press forward toward the new world that we can create in the name of America and of suffering humanity still in chains. Now you say words, beautiful words, but how do we do all of this with a staggering budget of heavy taxes surrounded by the communist menace and feeble Europe, Asia in ferment, our boys in war, training for war. Well I say that nothing is easy, and the best things are the hardest, but consider what was done at valley forge, what was done in the dark days of destruction and disaster in the civil war in the two world wars. When the very survival of western civilization trembled and in the depression. There is nothing new, only different, and our troubles all our immense difficulties now and in the future can I say be solved if we have the will, the courage, the boldness to face them, face them squarely, and to used senica phrased man is more then a rational animal and invoking the guidance of providence. Rational man animated by the destiny of greatness can think, and can act, and can do greatly, thank you.

SPEECH question

Great Speeches of the 20th century- volume 1 political arena

_ Who is speaking? Governor Adlai Stevenson

_ Why was/is the speech important to society? this speech was given as a presidential campaign address to alert the united states of America about his feelings and his goals for this country.

_ Why do you feel in is important or interesting? The way in which he address the country not by sides or by parties but as a whole of what he stands for and his standings and findings about what this nation was and where it needs to go is fascinating

_ What is the emotion, mood, tone, personality, feeling of the speech? He emotion of this speech is strong and hard spoken. He gives off a feeling of power and thoughtfulness into his words. Its also encouraging and intentional to his audience

_ What is intonation, emphasis, what is loud, stressed, or soft. Where are there pauses... Pauses after main points and thoughts to consider the emphasis is on creating a united country of one and he addresses in a simple strong tone and fluctuates his tone at specific points where he wants emphasis.

_ What do you FEEL should be loud or soft, long pause or ruhed? the sentences at the beginning when he is talking about who america is and what we are and can become. each small emphaisis has so much meaning inside its self and the encouraging point of our future plans

_ Is there a call to action? When listening to it what are key/emphasized words? Yes, there is a spur to create a country that is greater than what it is now and he also wants the people to be there own and question what they are doing now.

_ How does it make you feel? Encouraged and inspired to go out into the world and do great things with the talents and abilities we have

_ How do imagine that the audience felt? encouraged and inspired to have a leader who wants us to go on and become a powerful nation of one.

_ Could there be another interpretation of the speech? The speech pretty much has one purpose to create a powerful block of which He is going to be campaigning on but it can also scare, or make upset the other parties because he gave a speech on who America is and not so much dealing with the role and changes he wants to make

_ Write/find a short bio, of the person giving the speech. Adlai Ewing Stevenson, Illinois governor (1948-1952), two-time Democratic presidential nominee (1952, 1956), United States ambassador to the United Nations (1961-1965), and close personal and political friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, was born February 5, 1900 in Los Angeles, California. The leading Democratic figure of the 1950s, Stevenson was known for his wit, intellectual speeches, and liberal political convictions. For many Americans in the mid-twentieth century, he symbolized conscience in politics. In 1952, the Democrats drafted Steveson to be their presidential standard bearer. He campaigned on a continuation of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Harry Truman’s Fair Deal; however, he could not make a dent in Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower’s popularity or match his pledge to go to Korea. Stevenson lost the election by a wide margin.Stevenson challenged Eisenhower again in 1956, arguing that the president’s policies ignored or inadequately handled such issues as nuclear testing in the atmosphere, reduction of East-West tensions, the end of the draft, and increased assistance to underdeveloped countries through the United Nations. Again, he lost decisively.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal entry 9

Journal entry 9 Jakob rollback SVA MFA Designer as Author:Guest Lectures

• add motion to design you learn new things that you wouldn't learn with print

• design is a language to express things with (you can do so much with it and it can play on so many levels

•going to have to make sense of what your doing - get a job and have a job without making any sense -- some people do not care about what it is saying

• how do you make an impact ? hard to change someone's mind, pressure doesn't work, discussions rarely help (should work but they don't)

•emotions hard to reach a big audience -- emotional work is very individual

•participation is the most attracting thing to get people involved in design -- leaving something out to allow the viewer to complete the design

•every human is creative in a way - positive driving force for mankind

•all personal discoveries have creative thinking -- good creative thinking gives you a personal discovery

•be inspired tell stories and let things happen

•to make people think and get engaged in whatever it is we are designing

•if motion doesn't work in print then we don't believe in them

• inspiration - is to look elsewhere besides the design books

• taking an inspiration from one media and using it in the other media

•different inspirations can start your thinking about shapes and forms

• helvetica - base level like Bach music - specific and only used what he needed

•interesting in the mixture of media

•higher education for the poor school -- they would have a say in more matters if they knew that could have a say in the matter

•have a mood, can tie all together and now need a thing to represent the network