Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SPEECH question

Great Speeches of the 20th century- volume 1 political arena

_ Who is speaking? Governor Adlai Stevenson

_ Why was/is the speech important to society? this speech was given as a presidential campaign address to alert the united states of America about his feelings and his goals for this country.

_ Why do you feel in is important or interesting? The way in which he address the country not by sides or by parties but as a whole of what he stands for and his standings and findings about what this nation was and where it needs to go is fascinating

_ What is the emotion, mood, tone, personality, feeling of the speech? He emotion of this speech is strong and hard spoken. He gives off a feeling of power and thoughtfulness into his words. Its also encouraging and intentional to his audience

_ What is intonation, emphasis, what is loud, stressed, or soft. Where are there pauses... Pauses after main points and thoughts to consider the emphasis is on creating a united country of one and he addresses in a simple strong tone and fluctuates his tone at specific points where he wants emphasis.

_ What do you FEEL should be loud or soft, long pause or ruhed? the sentences at the beginning when he is talking about who america is and what we are and can become. each small emphaisis has so much meaning inside its self and the encouraging point of our future plans

_ Is there a call to action? When listening to it what are key/emphasized words? Yes, there is a spur to create a country that is greater than what it is now and he also wants the people to be there own and question what they are doing now.

_ How does it make you feel? Encouraged and inspired to go out into the world and do great things with the talents and abilities we have

_ How do imagine that the audience felt? encouraged and inspired to have a leader who wants us to go on and become a powerful nation of one.

_ Could there be another interpretation of the speech? The speech pretty much has one purpose to create a powerful block of which He is going to be campaigning on but it can also scare, or make upset the other parties because he gave a speech on who America is and not so much dealing with the role and changes he wants to make

_ Write/find a short bio, of the person giving the speech. Adlai Ewing Stevenson, Illinois governor (1948-1952), two-time Democratic presidential nominee (1952, 1956), United States ambassador to the United Nations (1961-1965), and close personal and political friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, was born February 5, 1900 in Los Angeles, California. The leading Democratic figure of the 1950s, Stevenson was known for his wit, intellectual speeches, and liberal political convictions. For many Americans in the mid-twentieth century, he symbolized conscience in politics. In 1952, the Democrats drafted Steveson to be their presidential standard bearer. He campaigned on a continuation of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Harry Truman’s Fair Deal; however, he could not make a dent in Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower’s popularity or match his pledge to go to Korea. Stevenson lost the election by a wide margin.Stevenson challenged Eisenhower again in 1956, arguing that the president’s policies ignored or inadequately handled such issues as nuclear testing in the atmosphere, reduction of East-West tensions, the end of the draft, and increased assistance to underdeveloped countries through the United Nations. Again, he lost decisively.

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