Sunday, May 8, 2011

Journal Entry 14

What inspired me most this semester? The most inspiring project or aspect to this class, Typography 02 would be a combination of the first two projects because the first project allowed for a chance to really pull and design for an audience with a specific theme and the second project allowed us to really be in control of the type and the look on the page with a lot of text. I use to think large amounts of text were the most annoying thing to look at on a pager when in reality if handled with precision and correctness of leading and kerning and font selection it can really make the page look quite nice and give the page visual texture. I also enjoyed watching the AIGA films about our generation where the design field is going and how it will be in the next 10 years. It excites me and motivates e to work hard and keep exploring because of what has already been done and the because the same stuff doesn't interest people but new designs and visual interests do. This year was definitely a growing year for me and my abilities as well as a growing year for my skills with the programs as I explored many new options for how to handle text with indesign and illustrator and even after effects. I will be able to use these foundation elements to be able to correct the minute details for the final project.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

journal entry 13

Read write world went to read only world - the artistic word is to revive the read write culture. Animate music video take from television and reused with tracks. Technique had been democratized the tools of creativity have become speech how our kids think and how they speak growing debate about the sides - one side being able to take about any content that has copy rite to take it down. The kids of the culture have a growing copy rite considerations and believe the law is just in the way. The balance -- looking first to government but it failed because the courts are to passive but more the economy of influence governs how the government functions. We need a solution that is private . This solution legalizes what it mean to be young again. Competition achieve some form of balance. We need 2 types of changes, that artist and creator embrace the idea that their work can be down freely. And second the business that are pushing out the read and write culture need to embrace this culture and they are able to grow. More free can compete with less free. BMI teaches us that artist choice is the key to advancing new technologies. Kids culture - the kids are different from us - technology has made us different cant kill technology can not stop the kids but need to encourage the correct response to culture and to law that is respectful. Do better allowing kids to know what the law is and encourage creativity but not at the price of the law. I agree with Larry in his terms of this generartion and the way we interpret the law. Because we are now seeing parents use free will and choice children of the age are also taking laws and ruls into their own hands and allowing for the rules to not affect what happens or how the young people act. With design and creating there is a fine line between creating and copying and the redoing of someones work hurts the overall aspect of design.

Monday, April 25, 2011

journal entry 12

David Carson - spreads out composition and starts designing to what makes sense to him. He was making self indulgent work, as the design world grows it is important for you to put yourself into the work. His work is not very structured very sporadic and poppy, however it definitely has emotions and movement on the page, and his compositions are very flow and he try to incorporate words to his design. The starting point is trying to interpret what you just read and listened too to see where it goes. Where do you compositions come from? How do people react to your work? do you care about what the audience is perceiving about your work or are you just designing from yourself? Do you think that design has moved to a more personal aspect then trying to please the client?

Paula Scher - signage - things about being new and pop out of the place it is in. Started did Jazz style and it should almost all be in order and one being off to catch your attention. Her style is loud and invisible and urban. all about words and type and how they work together and can show motion and style. operate with instincts and try again and then give up you have to get it first off. Never been a refiner, big bold strokes that come clearly. Illustrate with type not to just rub type down on a corner but use it as a design aspect. One moment you figure it out and you get it and it gets really exciting and you never get over that feeling of accomplishing something. What are you going to say to people who aware by a process book and say that your first ideas just scratch the service on where you could go? what got you interested in signage?

Milton Glaser - “art is work” where is he going with design - doesn’t know until his life is over and he has his work to look back on. feel close to the life of the artist then that adds the relationships of artists. Art is a gift and needs to be based on to create more art. This is what artist do in culture artist provide the gift to the culture so that people have something in common. The ability to transfer ideas from one to another doesn’t matter who you effect but you will effect, your community, family, city and possibly the world. Most interesting thing in ones later life - if you can sustain your interest for long periods of time, loose interest and get tired, and also loose your compacity for astonishment. benefit for being in the arts is the possibility for learning never disappears. What is the most important aspect to design? Do you recommended teaching to al designers?

Friday, April 22, 2011

print vs. motion

How do you think the audienc experience will change based on the media? The media has a large impact of the speed and the comprehension of the piece. For a print piece the viewer can take as mush time as they want analyzing and understanding the words and they can put emphasis on their choosing.

What will the audience exprience in print. In print the audience experiences a personal intimate booklet with words on the paper. They will be able to flip through the piece and understand the feeling and emotion of the speaker through the way the type is treated.

In Motion there is a different experience between the piece and the audience. motion can be veiwed n large and small screens with sounds and effes to the type. The speech will be moving and anamated and the designer has a lot more control on what they would like to put the most emphasis on. There is also time and transtions that the designer has to worry about.

What can you do in print that you can't do in motion. Print you can control where the viewers eye goes and how the speech flows through the pages. It can be hand held and there is no time or motion involved.

What can you do in motion (in aftereffects) that you can't do in print? Make type move, simple as that. You create time and movement with sound to create the feeling and allow the audience to feel involved in the speech and allow the speech to impact the viewer with how you animated it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Journal Entry 11

Who is Debbie Millman? president of the design division at sterling brands and one of the leading brand identity firms in the country. and she is the host of the radio show "Design Matters" on She is the President of AIGA and the author of three books:.

What is Design Matters? Is a internet talk show that is opinionated shoe that combines graphic design , branding and cultural anthropology.

What did you find interesting about the interview Audio design matters with Ralph Caplan (received the design mind award in 2010, also an author), “difference between making things right and making things nice. What do you need to know about packaging, what the items are that are needed to be packaging and what is used to package the item. Wrote an article on McDonald Hamburger, as marketing research, based on meat the amount of pickle and sauce. Approach to writing, constant effort to convenience people that everything is a design. Design isn't going to get anywhere until people realize that the things they created were not complete until people wee able to take in to account the situation that it was being designed for. Situation design is his idea on how things are designed and the situation for the design they are incorporated in. Products have a life of how long they will stay in style. The designers goal is to make things right not just to make things nice. This talk show consisted mostly of Ralph talking about his background and life and answering questions that Debbie would have regarding his designing background.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal Entry 10

Videos off of GOOD website

The State of the Planet: The background music goes along with the text. helps you move through the screen as well as speaking to you as well. not to complicated but still interesting, and esay to follow. The graphics also transition well from different concepts to create a flowing composition

Stroke, a silent killer of women: The graphics are easy to follow and flow through the page the type doesn’t compete with the imagery instead it complements the imagery. The type is also placed throughout to help fills gaps and also give meaning to the imagery. Different angles of imagery and type also help create a unique and different composition

Youth Movement: The info graphic does a good job and piling a lot of information in a interesting format. The way in which the type is placed among the graphics help simplify the composition and also bring a flow throughout the composition. The hierarchy is also needed within the type of headers and subheads to allow the viewer to be easily helped along what he/she is looking at.

Pledge to do good: Very interesting in the way that the interaction and graphics work with the concept of this info graphic. The information is easy to following and read. As well as there is a theme to how the colors are organized and the composition is placed. I do not like how balanced the composition is however with the giant chart and the pie graph I wish the chart was smaller and as you clicked on a piece that category got bigger to be able to see the numbers but still make it visually unbalanced and interesting

The timber trade: This info graphic is very complete it its design yet has a very aesthetic feel. The way in which the lines move and interact and the colors that are involved help guide the eye through what is trying to be shown. The image was most visually interesting for me in the way the lines created shapes and styles with in the forms.

Which city is best for biking: has a quick interlude and info graphic to move you through the image and be able to share all of the needed information that flows through the graphic. The ending however is funky in the way that it just cuts off. The way that type is placed on the composition also has a nice feel of hierarchy.

Lobbying: this video is made perfect for its audience, the children. The animation is easy and yet flows well throughout the composition. This Movie could also be done with type only and the words of the song. There is a easy flow between transitions that has a natural non jerky flow throughout the composition.

Subways: Has a cohesive feel of old retro game. The choppiness of the video works well with the style of how the intention of the film was created. The additive music is a little distracting from the film. Different technique to show information graphics and relate an interactive video to an audience

Words of Speech

I have tried to educate, if I have not succeeded all together, I have certainly educated my self about these questions and also about these wonderful human beings that are America. Just remember who you are, you are Americans. Your forbearers found a wilderness and they began to converted into a fair land with only three weapons, with a bible an axe and a plow. Nothing stayed them, neither the perils of death, nor wounds, nor savaged mountains, nor wide rivers, nor the unknown into which they plunged. They were of every racial stoke and religious faith, and each brought something of the old country to the new country and different though they were they became one. This is our heritage and this our true glory we are a people I tell you, that is just beginning its high adventure on this continent. It is a adventure in which young, though we are, we have done this. Our people have had more happiness and prosperity over a wider area, for a longer time, then man have ever had since they began to live in ordinate societies 4,000 years ago. Since we have come so far, who shall be ration enough to set limits on our future progress? Who shall say that since we have gone so far we can go no farther? Who shall say that the American dream is ended? For my self I believe that all we have done upon this continent is but a prelude to a future in which we shall become not only a bigger people, but also wiser people, a better people, an even a greater people. I believe in which we may achieve not only a higher standard of living, but also a higher standard of life. Never forget this there is little we Americans can not do if only we can imagine ourselves wanting to do it. Power alone is not enough, nor is faith alone equal to the task, the future is to those who take it. We shall strike off the shackles that still bind the United States. It is the duty of leaders to lead, of the creative to create of the daring to do. The free world expects leadership of us, its fate in our fate depends upon our leadership. The life or death issue of war or peace hangs upon it. We are 155 million strong. We are industrious, inventive, restless, with the fires that burn within us. We are free striding people with a confident free swinging stride that marks the American every where he goes upon this earth. We are conquers of time and distance. We have explored the awful jungles of matter and emerged with the powers of the exploding sun. Our cause is just. Our heart is high and let us then, I say, press forward toward the new world that we can create in the name of America and of suffering humanity still in chains. Now you say words, beautiful words, but how do we do all of this with a staggering budget of heavy taxes surrounded by the communist menace and feeble Europe, Asia in ferment, our boys in war, training for war. Well I say that nothing is easy, and the best things are the hardest, but consider what was done at valley forge, what was done in the dark days of destruction and disaster in the civil war in the two world wars. When the very survival of western civilization trembled and in the depression. There is nothing new, only different, and our troubles all our immense difficulties now and in the future can I say be solved if we have the will, the courage, the boldness to face them, face them squarely, and to used senica phrased man is more then a rational animal and invoking the guidance of providence. Rational man animated by the destiny of greatness can think, and can act, and can do greatly, thank you.

SPEECH question

Great Speeches of the 20th century- volume 1 political arena

_ Who is speaking? Governor Adlai Stevenson

_ Why was/is the speech important to society? this speech was given as a presidential campaign address to alert the united states of America about his feelings and his goals for this country.

_ Why do you feel in is important or interesting? The way in which he address the country not by sides or by parties but as a whole of what he stands for and his standings and findings about what this nation was and where it needs to go is fascinating

_ What is the emotion, mood, tone, personality, feeling of the speech? He emotion of this speech is strong and hard spoken. He gives off a feeling of power and thoughtfulness into his words. Its also encouraging and intentional to his audience

_ What is intonation, emphasis, what is loud, stressed, or soft. Where are there pauses... Pauses after main points and thoughts to consider the emphasis is on creating a united country of one and he addresses in a simple strong tone and fluctuates his tone at specific points where he wants emphasis.

_ What do you FEEL should be loud or soft, long pause or ruhed? the sentences at the beginning when he is talking about who america is and what we are and can become. each small emphaisis has so much meaning inside its self and the encouraging point of our future plans

_ Is there a call to action? When listening to it what are key/emphasized words? Yes, there is a spur to create a country that is greater than what it is now and he also wants the people to be there own and question what they are doing now.

_ How does it make you feel? Encouraged and inspired to go out into the world and do great things with the talents and abilities we have

_ How do imagine that the audience felt? encouraged and inspired to have a leader who wants us to go on and become a powerful nation of one.

_ Could there be another interpretation of the speech? The speech pretty much has one purpose to create a powerful block of which He is going to be campaigning on but it can also scare, or make upset the other parties because he gave a speech on who America is and not so much dealing with the role and changes he wants to make

_ Write/find a short bio, of the person giving the speech. Adlai Ewing Stevenson, Illinois governor (1948-1952), two-time Democratic presidential nominee (1952, 1956), United States ambassador to the United Nations (1961-1965), and close personal and political friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, was born February 5, 1900 in Los Angeles, California. The leading Democratic figure of the 1950s, Stevenson was known for his wit, intellectual speeches, and liberal political convictions. For many Americans in the mid-twentieth century, he symbolized conscience in politics. In 1952, the Democrats drafted Steveson to be their presidential standard bearer. He campaigned on a continuation of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Harry Truman’s Fair Deal; however, he could not make a dent in Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower’s popularity or match his pledge to go to Korea. Stevenson lost the election by a wide margin.Stevenson challenged Eisenhower again in 1956, arguing that the president’s policies ignored or inadequately handled such issues as nuclear testing in the atmosphere, reduction of East-West tensions, the end of the draft, and increased assistance to underdeveloped countries through the United Nations. Again, he lost decisively.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal entry 9

Journal entry 9 Jakob rollback SVA MFA Designer as Author:Guest Lectures

• add motion to design you learn new things that you wouldn't learn with print

• design is a language to express things with (you can do so much with it and it can play on so many levels

•going to have to make sense of what your doing - get a job and have a job without making any sense -- some people do not care about what it is saying

• how do you make an impact ? hard to change someone's mind, pressure doesn't work, discussions rarely help (should work but they don't)

•emotions hard to reach a big audience -- emotional work is very individual

•participation is the most attracting thing to get people involved in design -- leaving something out to allow the viewer to complete the design

•every human is creative in a way - positive driving force for mankind

•all personal discoveries have creative thinking -- good creative thinking gives you a personal discovery

•be inspired tell stories and let things happen

•to make people think and get engaged in whatever it is we are designing

•if motion doesn't work in print then we don't believe in them

• inspiration - is to look elsewhere besides the design books

• taking an inspiration from one media and using it in the other media

•different inspirations can start your thinking about shapes and forms

• helvetica - base level like Bach music - specific and only used what he needed

•interesting in the mixture of media

•higher education for the poor school -- they would have a say in more matters if they knew that could have a say in the matter

•have a mood, can tie all together and now need a thing to represent the network

Monday, March 28, 2011

journal entry 8

Type means never having to say your sorry- Have a reason for choosing and conveying a certain typeface. Take in to account more then just the liking of a typefaces but the readability to copyfitting to how it will translate on the screen and even into other languages you have to think universal when picking a font. Type should extend and amplify the message through how it is conveyed on the page. Type should display the feel and mood of the message.

In replace of futura I chose to go with either helvetica which has a less geometric characteristic style and a less drastic points and curves, also trade gothic could be used if needed to fit more text on the page because of the smaller character width.
Designing under the influence - This article refers to the fact of designing something that has already been designed or taken or the lack of research that new designers have completed before starting to design their own work, I agree in some since that we should know what has already been done and what is successful however that also influence how we design and creates the possibility of creating something similar to what is already out their. coming up with the absolute new design of something is virtually impossible at this day and age and something may always reference something is a slight way. But our job as new designers is to make it our own and create from our perspective.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

journal entry 7

typography photos from the car ride home from missouri! Many of these signs chose to incorporate a serif and san serif font together. Also many used color to attract attention.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Journal Entry 6

What single example of design inspires you most?

Jessica Hische - the works that students are doing now and that the students will be doing in the next few years -- type design and lettering smashing pumpkins album

Kit Hinrichs - typography not the letter forms themselves but the way the letter forms are expressed and their emotional values that creates them ( delicate, bold, obscure) all kinds of things are part of the message - an art form

Deborah Adler - Pieta in Rome by michael angelo - connected to the piece and feel what she was feeling and gave off raw emotion - that we could strive for in design work

Ken Carbone - engeinutity utility and beautify - its a great idea and its its useful it is essentially beautiful ( drum) - water - live in africa carrying water ( water retrieval device) large flat doughnut with a cap (fill water into the drum) - carry the drum back and easy to carry

gong szeto - maps and visualization ( heartland - designer who makes amazing maps) - sheer volume of work of the map to tell a story and points of view - knowledge of the word through images and maps

what problem should design solve next?

Jessica Hische - address the problems that are going to happen with the death of print and the transition to the web

Kit Hinrichs - security before getting on the air plane -- conveyer belts that were designed a long time ago and look at a new design- industrial designer

Deborah Adler - not be defined by athletic and style but thinking about the person who is at the heart of that design and realizing who you are designing for

Ken Carbone - absolutely anything to do with education - teacher should be twice as much as lawyers - unformed society doesn't have much future ( transfer of information leads to education which leads to knowledge and the result is empowerment)

Gong Szeto - the power of thoughtful design in telling a story and transmuting critical knowledge working in the area that we make practicality and making the world smarter with design

My answers to the questions -

What single exempt of design inspires you most? I have never really thought about this questions in a practical way I guess many things that have to do with graphics and advertising inspire me but i would say the design of nature and the trees and floral things that help create a cleaner environment - I also think that we can design off of the complexity yet simplicity of nature and the things that we are given around us.

What problem should design solve next? I think design should help solve the small supply of food and water and medicine for the third-world countries I think there should be a industrial design firm who could come up with something that would make food and water last longer without going bad or clean up cities and streets for the health of people

Friday, March 4, 2011

question on typography

What are the advantages of a multiple column grid.? place more text and get more information unto the page in an organized manner

How many characters is optimal for a line length? 66 character line is ideal words per line? - 9-10 words per line

Why is the baseline grid used in design? one reason is to print double sided and the lines match up and that each line matches up with the next in parallel fashion

What is a typographic river? gaps that run down a paragraph of text due to many words matching up together, then can occur regardless of use but usually show up when the font is justified or a monospaced font is used.

From the readings what does clothesline or flow line mean? is a measure that is horizontal that divided the page into spatial divisions and allows for the help of more alignments of added visual elements.

How can you incorporate white space into your designs? by drastic indentions or meaningful breaks in lines to create a space for the rest.

What is type color/texture mean? the kerning between the letters or the weight of the line widths of the letters allow more or less white space to show through creating color with type

What is x-height, how does it effect type color? The x height is the height to which the letters are measured and the x height is simple the height of the lower case x of that certain font

In justification or H&J terms what do the numbers: minimum, optimum, maximum mean? Maximum is the space adjusted to make it justified n the line optimum is the need to fit the most words on a line and minim refers to the least amount of words before and after a hyphen

What are some ways to indicate a new paragraph. Are there any rules? rule - don't indent the first paragraph. you can chose to do a running indent a hanging indent

What are some things to look out for when hyphenating text. leave at least two characters behind and take three forward on to the next page, avoid leaving any word shorter than 4 letters at the end of a line, avoid more than three consecutive hyphenated lines, hyphenate proper names only as a last resort unless they occur with the frequency of common nouns, hyphenate according to the conventions of the language

What is a literature? Literature is a noun and represents the art of composition in prose or verse. It also can be used as a term to represent the whole body of literary compositions or may be by language or a particular subject. It is matter that is regarded as printed or may be referred to as literary matter.

What does CMYK and RGB mean? cyan magenta yellow black, -- red green and blue

What does hanging punctuation mean? the quotation mark hangs outside of the quotes

What is the difference between a foot mark and an apostrophe? an apostrophe is a single closing quotation mark, and a footmark is for measurement and it has no difference in weight of the mark

What is the difference between an inch mark and a quote mark (smart quote)? quote is words and inch mark is for measurement and it has to do with the weight from top to bottom of the mark

What is a hyphen, en dash and em dashes, what are the differences and when are they used.An en dash is approximately the size of of the width of a capital N. It is used between words indicating a duration, such as hour time or month or year, use it where you might put the word “to.” There can also be a small (not a full) space on both sides of the en dash. Also an en dash is used when you have a compound adjective and one of the adjectives is made up of two words or a hyphenated word.

An em dash is twice as long at an en dash and is about the size of a capital M. Used in the same way as a color or parentheses, or it indicates a change in thought. It can also be used as a period if a period is too strong and a comma is too weak. It is equivalent to a double hyphen.

What are ligatures, why are they used, when are they not used, what are common ligatures: a special word that combines two maybe three letters into single characters. look better and help fix the problem of letters touching each other at weird angles. they are used only with extreme care and only to fix line spacing, common ligatures are fi, fl, ff,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal entry 5

Jonathan Harris - Cold and Bold

kept very elaborate sketch books (photos sketches watercolor, ticket stubs) use new skill set of thought to have the same humanity level as sketch books word count, and 10x10 metaphor of an apartment building - typography system consisting of 3d lights and person in each apartment inside -- concept been taken and had to go back to scratch and learn new solution to problem - wrote a program (large and complicated) create a project for love and self. I have to live to work. That’s what Hemingway used to say computer program a beautiful thing small and smile and can turn into a nightmare. total rationality of the computer program can be traced back to the problem and can be fixed, the act of expression code hard to express yourself act of expression then a painter of sculptor. Resistance of the medium. the code that is resisting to the way in which you want it to work and being sensitive to the media. The web is a new program of the early 90's then the housing idea came into play with many companies home pages and navigation that are lost in transition between designer and company. outcomes over ideas - idea is not the goal but the goal is the goal the idea i how you work your way up to the outcome - how does the outcome make you feel?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Journal entry 4

Who is Bruce Mau ? Bruce Mau is a designer who uses innovative unique was to create brands for many well known companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, MTV. As well he is a author of books and uses words to help in his designing of life.

What has he done?Created brands for Coca-Cola, McDonald's, MTV, Arizona State University, Miami's American Airlines Arena, New Meadowlands Stadium, Frank Gehry, Herman Miller, Santa Monica's Big Blue Bus. Wrote books, Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth guides thousands with his articulation of design strategies and motivations for unleashing creativity.

Why is he interesting? He uses his words and creativity together to create innovative design that is both pleasing to the eye and creates an aesthetic feel to the viewer.

Mantra - 5. Go deep.

The deeper you go the more likely you will discover something of value.I chose this mantra because if you just stretch the surface you will never challenge yourself to create that amazing solution instead of just a solution you have to push yourself and think of the impossible and then think how you can make it possible.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Journal entry 3

Stefan Sagmeister shares happy design – happy experiencing design – example the authors photos on the back of the design or covers photographs of their faces show the happiness of their design. Pieces about the visualization of happiness and not about happiness. 3 designs that have happiness signs about safety created to make someone happy or intriguing creating an interesting visual for viewers to look at. Another example is a square room that opens up and insides watching the changes in to color of the sky and the reaction that people see when they can see the beauty of the sky changing. Another is speech bubbles and people go and fill them in and get to express their feelings and create joy to others worrying without pressure trying to brake out of the studio and work in other areas and see different angles of life and enjoy the end results of your art. Everything I do always comes back to me and to allow the design of your work to reflect the work, and everything always works out for me. How do you think about the materials you use for the words?

Alwar balasubramniam: Art of substance and absence – open and aware of our surroundings. Explore the character of the past is what makes up what you are today. Creating art about how you feel and creating something that feels like oneself. How are there ways to capture an object and are there many ways to capture objects. Try to understand the trace of something then when we try to understand what it is we interpret them from our old interpretations. Are we trying to understand what it is or what we think it is, like a joke many interpretations for one thing. What we see is just what we think and most of the time we don’t think what it is but it is just our perception of something. Meaning doesn’t exist its just created by the mind by what we have been taught. Anyway to capture the thought into a visual art. We see the source of the light and when it is bouncing but we don’t see the light rays in between. We don’t see dark and light and gravity and electricity. What made you think of using your body as the mold?

Vik Muniz makes are with wire, sugar – entertainment design - created to make people enjoy design and art. Using materials around to make art a piece of joy and laughter. Cloud work – cloud can mean anything you want – lump of cotton. Make creatures out of cloud – working with sculptures. Simple line drawings into wire art. Line drawings and shaded drawings used with thread and other materials. Departing from lines he went to points to depict black children’s faces. Pictures of chocolate that are entertaining face goes into texture. Picture of blocks of color and create a pixilation and mosaic pictures of large photos. Using different materials to create art. What made you so interesting and how do you come up with the materials you use to work with? Not about impress but about giving someone a measure of their own belief

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Audience personas (3)

Lindsay is a 16 year old girl who lives in a upscale two-story house. She drives a 2010 jeep wrangler and attends a private school. She hangs out with friends and boys and homework isn’t the most important factor on her mind. She is boy crazy and wants to be the most popular in her class. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and sometimes dies her hair to her mood of the month. She owns a toy dog and is the youngest of three siblings. She would choose top brand over off brand any time and her favorite hangout is the mall. She is athletic and can hold her own in sports activities and is very competitive in compositions. She would drink pop over water and would choose the beach over the mountains. Loves a chick flick over an action movie but would stand scary unhappy endings once in a while. Her room is a beach theme with blue walls and giant murals of the ocean on them. she usually will dress up for any occasion and loves the in fashion. Would chose high heels over tennis shoes.

Jonathon is a 21 year old in his senior year of college majoring in finances. Is very cautious with his money and makes smart decisions in money making most of the time. He would shop at Wal-Mart for everything and if need be look online to try to find the best price for things. He would never do anything that was unnecessary and off his schedule her is a very type A personality but is very social. He would choose a healthy quick restaurant over a sit down expensive meal. He is from a family of 6 kids and is the oldest from his family. He drives a Toyota Camery and lives in a apartment by himself. He enjoys adventure and action movies as well as once in a while comedy. He chooses not to have a girlfriend at this moment and he hopes to land a job in a big corporation after graduation. He style is sophisticated yet classy. He would wear jeans and a nice button down or polo out with some sperrys not too fashionistic but still is classy in what he wears. His apartment is the minimal style with less things in it and more expensive of the things he has. He has a dog that is trained well and lives in the upper floor of an apartment complex.

Heather is a mother of two and a wife to a lawyer. They live in a middle class to upper class neighborhood and are young for that area. She is 30 years old and plans events for people. She would shop at the Merk for everything and is very into organic and natural based food not into the processing plants of many companies. She is very talkative and can easily hold a conversation. She owns a suburban car and her husband has a convertible. They attend church every Sunday and their children are both in a private school. She doesn’t need to work but wants to because of her interest in her job. She would stop by Starbucks every morning to grab a coffee. She watches her weight and cooks very healthy meals for her family. She colors her hair blonde and keeps up on her nail appointments every 2 weeks. she is a traditional style mom but would wear sweats over nice clothes out and about. her house is some what organized yet there are things here and there. zebra print is her theme and color is her dream any chance to add color she will do it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 design rules

  1. have a concept – have a reason to design something and a purpose for your design solutions to a plan. Have a path to go with and be able to stay on track. No message story idea then it will become flat nor purpose to designing.
  2. communicate don’t decorate - limit to flourishes and over excessiveness of materials and mood and feelings and layers of design to present your concept
  3. speak with one visual voice – one idea that gets placed on everything and keep in same color and feel throughout to make the project cohesive
  4. use two typeface families maximum. Ok, maybe three – staple rule one san serif and one serif have rule with two fonts and possibly a display font for small text that is easy to read – just a guide
  5. use the one two punch – hierarchy given the point quickly see and understand it
  6. pick colors on purpose – make a point to your color have a reason behind your work
  7. if you can do it with less than do it – simplify design and clear and easy to read without to many generic symbols or flourished symbols
  8. negative space is magical – create it don’t just fill it up – break for the eyes and clear hierarchy
  9. treat the type as image as though it’s just as important – dominate type as image and use symbol and color
  10. type is only type when it is friendly – does it compete or work together
  11. be universal remember its not about you – design for universal demographic and create to everyone’s best interest
  12. squish and separate – group together and pull the white spaces out
  13. distribute light and dark like firecrackers and the rising sun – contrast of colors
  14. be decisive and on purpose or don’t do it at all – have a reason for everything and create to a specific purpose
  15. measure with your eyes – grid and look at how it looks visually see where things need to be to rest the eye and relax it and make it cohesive in a way
  16. create images don’t scavenge – from images and manipulate them on photoshop and create the mood and town of your book with color and tone
  17. ignore fashion seriously – fit within the trends but still design to your liking
  18. move it static equals dull – make it moving and wanted to be looked at
  19. look at history but don’t repeat it – aware of what is happening get a reference but then create your own work and design from your own mind
  20. symmetry is the ultimate evil – off balance is good more interesting

Most important – have a concept, a reason, distribute light and dark – make it cohesive, symmetry is the ultimate evil, make it unbalanced and visual appealing

Need to work on – use two typefaces, measure with your eyes, speak with one visual voice

Want to ignore – squish and separate, ignore fashion seriously, type is only type when it is friendly

journal entry 2

10 design rules : Good design is innovative – changing creating making something new and different there are so many categories still to be explored. Good design make a product useful - meaning that your design has a purpose and a function that is the best that the function can be and the most efficient for what that design is doing. Good design is aesthetic – we are going to see these objects all the t time and they will be encountered by others in our lives as well. We want them to go with our system and flow of the look we are going for in a certain setting. Good design makes a product understandable – easy to use and readily available for everyone is a very much need aspect to design. Good design is unobtrusive – in a way that it is accessible for all and it is useful and easy for all. Good design is honest – does what it is supposed to-do and the necessary requirements it is supposed to have. Good design is long lasting – it has a purpose and will last and keep its purpose and now wear away. Good design is thorough, down to the last detail – Everything put into your design is for your purpose and meaning and nothing is just because it looks good. Good design is as little design as possible – keep it simple and as mush as you need but nothing else.

3 ways good design makes you happy

beautiful, functional and reflective, happy things work better because you are more creative biology – like bright colors (fruit plants) dislike bitter taste loud sounds un symmetrical face

-- choice of type fonts or red for hot or an old car – water bottle buy because of the bottle visual and behavioral is subconscious - automatic, skilled behavior – design feeling and control. Communicates – motion about acting understanding the world

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Journal 1

Journal Entry 1 - Writer’s toolbox

Writing can help you engage in your project and think out how your project looks in visually descriptive words. Leonardo da Vinci had diagrams and maps that later created more visual forms on the computer later. Art and science are infused together to create compositions.

Mind maps - give visual forms and structure to ideas and concepts in an organized manor. It allows for you to understand the concepts and see the connections between the designs. Can be used with words, color, and images, any like forms of design. Start basic and get more specific as lines grow out from objects and items.

A concept map is similar to mind maps however concept maps have more thorough analysis of what goes with what and makes sure there is a relationship between items. The information is arranged in hierarchy order from least to most specific. The data is analyzed to see how the specific things can be used to create the broader topic.

Free writing - To collect your thoughts on paper and be able to look back to reference the ideas later on. Free writing is a casual sit down process that allows for the ideas to flow without organization and the after the free writing process you can take away the needed in formation to organize and create your final design.

Brain writing - Is equivalent to brain storming by allowing yourself to look at the problem and to create the best solution for the problem in design terms. Allowing for one self to create multiple solutions will broaden the solution and form later for the best possible solution to be created.

Word lists - is basically stretching but in language putting all words and adjectives that come to mind about our topic. This allows for the designer to envision the different possibilities the design could go and relates language to designing yet again.

Outlines - outlines allow for problem and solutions to be created in an orderly fashion to make sure all is being incorporated into the solution. It allows for more structure to be put into your brainstorming and your ideas to start coming together, and be framework for the design.

Writing and critiques - Allow for other peoples input to be taken in to consideration on your design and by displaying your work next to others you can see where you fall on the lines of the project as well as get some feedback to better enhance your composition. Methods are critiques are all useful in trying to get information to the designer about their work from silent notes to out loud discussion allowing more opinions can best result in a job well done.

Reflective writing- can help you gather your thoughts about the project as a whole. It will help your from later projects to see how your work and what helped you best and allows for you to relax from the design mind and go to the summarizing mind set.

Journals and sketches - allow you to be more visual in you’re brainstorming process and allow for creative ideas to be put on paper and document what is happening throughout the project. These pieces allow for you to always be able to document ideas and then have a strong process book in the end.

Free write -- Great Gatsby

G.G. is full of adventure and mystery in how the characters interact with each other the way the book was written it almost seemed like what was happening is in the love of the characters also told what was happening with the scenery around them. The book is told from nick’s point of view after he moves to New York and lives on the west egg island across form the east egg island where his cousin daisy lives and her husband tom. Nick is a young man who just landed a wealthy job in the stock market. This was written around the time that the young were landing jobs and accessing a lot of money. The book gives a feel of snobbishness fro the young men and women at the beginning and over confidence in money, which eventually leads to total destruction of the characters. The feel of this book to me is murky and evolved into a type of evil that rest insides the bodies of the young and wealthy. Love tries to peek through in many ways however also breaking up many relationships and in the end the evil wins out many die and nothing has become of the world today. This book also gives a feeling on clueless ness involved with the characters and their actions of money and relationships with one another and spouses. Almost as if they wanted everything of theirs to be invisible to the eye and be able to be inspected by all who can look. Many times the book takes a rollercoaster feel with one day doing great in relationships and the other someone comes along and it is broken up. Their seemed like their could have been resentment in the way that F Scot Fitzgerald wrote his book in how he though money of the young generations is getting exploited and taken for granted and when money devours your life there is nothing else to look forward too. In the end life goes on and the feel of starting over is released from the book. If I were to create a novel cover for this book my colors would be green and black and brown and gray and I would want to make it seem like romance but something is off about it. I would want their to be a since of feeling that there is good in the hearts of the young and wealthy but the evil extol their little bit of good. The cover would have a feeling of awkwardness and out of place and nothing can be too perfect on the outside everything looks great but deep down there is a whole lot of hurt going on.

Word List - Great Gatsby


Bright Bold

Out there

































Over indulgence



















Not right

Friday, January 28, 2011

Designers for inspiration

Steven Heller

Maira Kalman
The Eames
Alex Steinweiss

Alan Fletcher
Alvin Lustig
Alexanger Girard
Paul Rand
Saul Bass

Monday, January 24, 2011

This means that

Signs are how we interpret things and different signs can be interpretation of different meanings to different people. Using the right signs in the right context helps best get the point across to the viewer. All humans feel the need to show signs and tell stories. How we show our signs and how other interprets them is a major factor in getting the meaning of the sign across.

Apple – fruit, sin, deceit (known widely and common)

Dots – possibly numbers or a pattern (brail meaning blind)

Woodcarving – (map)

· Degree of resemblance between the signifier and the signified

Woman in photograph – murdered (real events have been faked)

Swastika – control, power, evil, death of Jews –

“I shop therefore I am” – meaning your somebody for shopping – French philosopher

Mona Lisa – famous painting (presentation, representational, mechanical

“I didn’t eat grandmother’s chocolate cake” – secretive, possibly joking with the girl – how we interpret it and how we make sense of the message

-- Ways of meaning—

The way me mean might be real or it might refer to something else such as sarcasm or a vague response

Non-literal has to decipher what it means

Which three are more alike – circles (answer depends on you)

Perfume is to girl or pretty or expensive


Elvis Presley -- symbols of hair

Most goes back to whom your audience is and how well you are trying to get the point across to that audience. Many signs can have different interpretations and its up to the designer to create simple recognizable symbols to help get the message across

chip kidd: Q and A

creating the whole of the composition was his favorite

sense from the manuscript how to write a good book results in good design

avoid literal and expand – go broad and make the viewer think

took a chance on new translation of the new testament with dead man face – failed

make an interesting design that also has mass appeal

cover the genre in a way that is unique to the story of that book

ideas come from everywhere

cd covers – dying, magazine cover chaotic, book cover – sensible

book covers are smarter and useful

step mag

books are now a multipersonal experience on creating

good books are going to convey the essence of the book in a structure that is easy yet takes a moment o figure out – allow the book to make a good first impression

make the cover appear larger and more attractive

music open to interpretation and the book is not

easy to clutter a page

build a reputation that people start to trust and give more freedom to

personas and scenarios

have a goal of your audience and place it more specific the better

brief profile that helps you outline who you are targeting and how you will be able to target them. Identify main audience ask questions and relate the information back to how your can interest them he most, create lists and attributes to your clients

useful in being specific to choosing certain design standards and colors and typefaces to allow specific people to be targeted

couldn’t locate chip kidd :series, covers article

what makes a successful book jacket?

Visually appealing, different from others, attracts the eye, reach the target audience, get the information on their cohesively, text and visual imagery combine and not combat, create overall mood of the book without given away the story too much, unique unseen material.

visual appealing, very interesting, unique and keeps you guess on what the story is about, as a creep feel about it, color palette suggesting about a girl, title works with imagery-little placed on
uses layering and texture to create, allows viewer to want to touch the texture, cohesive with text and imagery even though its split up, different, doesn't tell the whole story
great imagery to stop and look at as well as leaves the viewer wanting to know more about the characters covered up. Type is a little week and in coherent with the image.

Type 2 - three book choices

1) Red Badge of Courage

a. Stephen crane

b. American novelist and a short story writer, poet and journalist

· Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893)

· The Red Badge of Courage (1895)

· The Black Riders and Other Lines (1895)

· George's Mother (1896)

· The Open Boat and Other Tales of Adventure (1898)

· War is Kind (1899)

· Active Service (1899)

· The Monster and Other Stories (1899)

· Wounds in the Rain (1900)

· The O'Ruddy (1903)

c. Henry and Jim go to war where they want to be brave and earn the honor that war can give you but Henry once in the presence of war fears war and runs away. In his journey away we feel ashamed and then meets up with injured soldiers who make him feel bad so he runs away and finds Jim about to die and feels guilty for not staying then as Henry runs out to see why they are retreating he gets knocked on the head and wakes up at camp where he is treated and thought to be shot in the head. Henry now has a change of heart and runs fearlessly out to fight and helps his troops win.

d. Courage, fear, mistakes, heart ache, scared, brave, shocking

e. To never give into fear and know the real glory in from with in not the braving that is seen

f. Battles in war and has a difficult task of deciding life or bravery

g. Tugs at fear and tries to break down the hero

h. “He felt that in this crisis his laws of life were useless”

i. “He suddenly lost concern for himself, and forgot to look at a menacing fate.”

ii. “His self-pride was now entirely restored.”

i. The cover to me felt to clique to war and needed to be more about the inside battle of the main characters heart

2) Great Expectations

a. Charles Dickens

b. Most popular English novelist

· A Christmas Carol

· A Message from the Sea

· A Tale of Two Cities

· All The Year Round

· American Notes

· Barnaby Rudge

· Bleak House

· David Copperfield

· Dombey and Son

· Great Expectations

· Hard Times

· Holiday Romance

· Hunted Down

· Little Dorrit

· Martin Chuzzlewit

· Master Humphrey's Clock

· Mudfog and Other Sketches

· Nicholas Nickleby

· Oliver Twist

· Our Mutual Friend

· Reprinted Pieces

· Sketches by Boz

· Stories About Children Every Child Can Read

· The Battle of Life

· The Chimes

· The Cricket on the Hearth

· The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

· The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices

· The Mystery of Edwin Drood

· The Old Curiosity Shop

· The Pickwick Papers

· The Uncommercial Traveller

c. Pip a young boy has an encountering life as he first runs into a man escaping from jail who has him steel things. He then visit’s Miss Havashams’ house where meets a young girl names Estella and falls in love with her even though she is cruel to him. Pip then comes over quit frequently to try to impress Estella then moves away. On his return he goes back to the house and talks to ms havasham who was killed in a fire soon after. Pip then leaves and runs into the convict yet again and tries to let him escape and learns that he is the dad of Estella. Years later pip returns to find Estella divorced and her heart changes and they fall in love again.

d. To never judge a person and treat them badly

e. Tries to be nice to all and become a wealthy man able to take care of his lover

f. Is greed and money that pulls away at his heart and tears him down

g. “My convict looked round him for the first time, and saw me . . . I looked at him eagerly when he looked at me, and slightly moved my hands and shook my head.”

i. “if you had done this, and then, for a purpose, had wanted her to take naturally to the daylight and she could not do it, you would have been disappointed and angry?”

ii. “She lived and found powerful friends. She is living now. She is a lady and very beautiful. And I love her!”

h. many different angles that the cover could be designed from and I thought typography would be a fun addition to this book

3) The Great Gatsby

a. F. Scott Fitzgerald – greatest American novels of the 20th c. also wrote many short stories and films

b. Other books

· This Side of Paradise (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1920)

· The Beautiful and Damned (New York: Scribner, 1922)

· The Great Gatsby (New York: Scribner, 1925)

· Tender Is the Night (New York: Scribner, 1934)

· The Last Tycoon – originally The Love of the Last Tycoon – (New York: Scribners, published posthumously, 1941)

· Flappers and Philosophers (Short Story Collection, 1920)

· Tales of the Jazz Age (Short Story Collection, 1922)

· All the Sad Young Men (Short Story Collection, 1926)

· Taps at Reveille (Short Story Collection, 1935)

· Babylon Revisited and Other Stories (Short Story Collection, 1960)

· The Pat Hobby Stories (Short Story Collection, 1962)

· The Basil and Josephine Stories (Short Story Collection, 1973)

· The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Short Story Collection, 1989)

c. Nick is the main character of the novel is a young man who acquired wealth at an early age and lives on one of the two islands near New York. He lives next to Jay Gatsby who always puts on parties every Saturday and over indulges in his money. Nick is a cousin to daisy who is married to tom and lives on the other side of the second island. Nick visits daisy and her friend is over named Jordan that nick falls in love with but she cannot be trusted. Tom soon reveals that he has a lover in New York that he goes to see and Gatsby reveals that he has always been in love with daisy and throws parities to get her attention. Soon Gatsby and daisy meet and rekindle their love and tom, daisies husband gets mad and takes himself Gatsby nick and daisy into new York where toms lover gets killed by a car that daisy is driving. Tom tells George who is toms lovers husband that Gatsby killed his wife and George goes to kill Gatsby and himself afterward. Nick breaks up with Jordan and moves away and daisy and tom move away to live together again.

d. To trust no one and money can not buy happiness

e. Protagonist, Gatsby, tries to attract his long lost love by money but ends up protecting her till he passes away and his money couldn’t by him happiness

f. Antagonist tom cheats many out of his way and tries to get around all of his secrets and in the end he ends winning over both women who love him and destroying the men who loves his wife.

g. Quotes

i. “After Gatsby’s death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes’ power of correction”

ii. “Only wind in the trees, which blew the wires and made the lights go off and on again as if the house has winked into the darkness”

iii. “I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

This book has many different themes and representation that could have the chance to be very interesting and visually appealing. The book cover now is very in cohesive and not inviting to the reader. However there are many possibilities and different paths that could possibly make the cover as exciting as the drama on the inside.