Sunday, February 13, 2011


Audience personas (3)

Lindsay is a 16 year old girl who lives in a upscale two-story house. She drives a 2010 jeep wrangler and attends a private school. She hangs out with friends and boys and homework isn’t the most important factor on her mind. She is boy crazy and wants to be the most popular in her class. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and sometimes dies her hair to her mood of the month. She owns a toy dog and is the youngest of three siblings. She would choose top brand over off brand any time and her favorite hangout is the mall. She is athletic and can hold her own in sports activities and is very competitive in compositions. She would drink pop over water and would choose the beach over the mountains. Loves a chick flick over an action movie but would stand scary unhappy endings once in a while. Her room is a beach theme with blue walls and giant murals of the ocean on them. she usually will dress up for any occasion and loves the in fashion. Would chose high heels over tennis shoes.

Jonathon is a 21 year old in his senior year of college majoring in finances. Is very cautious with his money and makes smart decisions in money making most of the time. He would shop at Wal-Mart for everything and if need be look online to try to find the best price for things. He would never do anything that was unnecessary and off his schedule her is a very type A personality but is very social. He would choose a healthy quick restaurant over a sit down expensive meal. He is from a family of 6 kids and is the oldest from his family. He drives a Toyota Camery and lives in a apartment by himself. He enjoys adventure and action movies as well as once in a while comedy. He chooses not to have a girlfriend at this moment and he hopes to land a job in a big corporation after graduation. He style is sophisticated yet classy. He would wear jeans and a nice button down or polo out with some sperrys not too fashionistic but still is classy in what he wears. His apartment is the minimal style with less things in it and more expensive of the things he has. He has a dog that is trained well and lives in the upper floor of an apartment complex.

Heather is a mother of two and a wife to a lawyer. They live in a middle class to upper class neighborhood and are young for that area. She is 30 years old and plans events for people. She would shop at the Merk for everything and is very into organic and natural based food not into the processing plants of many companies. She is very talkative and can easily hold a conversation. She owns a suburban car and her husband has a convertible. They attend church every Sunday and their children are both in a private school. She doesn’t need to work but wants to because of her interest in her job. She would stop by Starbucks every morning to grab a coffee. She watches her weight and cooks very healthy meals for her family. She colors her hair blonde and keeps up on her nail appointments every 2 weeks. she is a traditional style mom but would wear sweats over nice clothes out and about. her house is some what organized yet there are things here and there. zebra print is her theme and color is her dream any chance to add color she will do it.

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  1. a bit more specific on style, likes... we need to able to picture the person's room/apartment/house...