Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 design rules

  1. have a concept – have a reason to design something and a purpose for your design solutions to a plan. Have a path to go with and be able to stay on track. No message story idea then it will become flat nor purpose to designing.
  2. communicate don’t decorate - limit to flourishes and over excessiveness of materials and mood and feelings and layers of design to present your concept
  3. speak with one visual voice – one idea that gets placed on everything and keep in same color and feel throughout to make the project cohesive
  4. use two typeface families maximum. Ok, maybe three – staple rule one san serif and one serif have rule with two fonts and possibly a display font for small text that is easy to read – just a guide
  5. use the one two punch – hierarchy given the point quickly see and understand it
  6. pick colors on purpose – make a point to your color have a reason behind your work
  7. if you can do it with less than do it – simplify design and clear and easy to read without to many generic symbols or flourished symbols
  8. negative space is magical – create it don’t just fill it up – break for the eyes and clear hierarchy
  9. treat the type as image as though it’s just as important – dominate type as image and use symbol and color
  10. type is only type when it is friendly – does it compete or work together
  11. be universal remember its not about you – design for universal demographic and create to everyone’s best interest
  12. squish and separate – group together and pull the white spaces out
  13. distribute light and dark like firecrackers and the rising sun – contrast of colors
  14. be decisive and on purpose or don’t do it at all – have a reason for everything and create to a specific purpose
  15. measure with your eyes – grid and look at how it looks visually see where things need to be to rest the eye and relax it and make it cohesive in a way
  16. create images don’t scavenge – from images and manipulate them on photoshop and create the mood and town of your book with color and tone
  17. ignore fashion seriously – fit within the trends but still design to your liking
  18. move it static equals dull – make it moving and wanted to be looked at
  19. look at history but don’t repeat it – aware of what is happening get a reference but then create your own work and design from your own mind
  20. symmetry is the ultimate evil – off balance is good more interesting

Most important – have a concept, a reason, distribute light and dark – make it cohesive, symmetry is the ultimate evil, make it unbalanced and visual appealing

Need to work on – use two typefaces, measure with your eyes, speak with one visual voice

Want to ignore – squish and separate, ignore fashion seriously, type is only type when it is friendly

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