Saturday, February 12, 2011

journal entry 2

10 design rules : Good design is innovative – changing creating making something new and different there are so many categories still to be explored. Good design make a product useful - meaning that your design has a purpose and a function that is the best that the function can be and the most efficient for what that design is doing. Good design is aesthetic – we are going to see these objects all the t time and they will be encountered by others in our lives as well. We want them to go with our system and flow of the look we are going for in a certain setting. Good design makes a product understandable – easy to use and readily available for everyone is a very much need aspect to design. Good design is unobtrusive – in a way that it is accessible for all and it is useful and easy for all. Good design is honest – does what it is supposed to-do and the necessary requirements it is supposed to have. Good design is long lasting – it has a purpose and will last and keep its purpose and now wear away. Good design is thorough, down to the last detail – Everything put into your design is for your purpose and meaning and nothing is just because it looks good. Good design is as little design as possible – keep it simple and as mush as you need but nothing else.

3 ways good design makes you happy

beautiful, functional and reflective, happy things work better because you are more creative biology – like bright colors (fruit plants) dislike bitter taste loud sounds un symmetrical face

-- choice of type fonts or red for hot or an old car – water bottle buy because of the bottle visual and behavioral is subconscious - automatic, skilled behavior – design feeling and control. Communicates – motion about acting understanding the world

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