Sunday, January 30, 2011

Journal 1

Journal Entry 1 - Writer’s toolbox

Writing can help you engage in your project and think out how your project looks in visually descriptive words. Leonardo da Vinci had diagrams and maps that later created more visual forms on the computer later. Art and science are infused together to create compositions.

Mind maps - give visual forms and structure to ideas and concepts in an organized manor. It allows for you to understand the concepts and see the connections between the designs. Can be used with words, color, and images, any like forms of design. Start basic and get more specific as lines grow out from objects and items.

A concept map is similar to mind maps however concept maps have more thorough analysis of what goes with what and makes sure there is a relationship between items. The information is arranged in hierarchy order from least to most specific. The data is analyzed to see how the specific things can be used to create the broader topic.

Free writing - To collect your thoughts on paper and be able to look back to reference the ideas later on. Free writing is a casual sit down process that allows for the ideas to flow without organization and the after the free writing process you can take away the needed in formation to organize and create your final design.

Brain writing - Is equivalent to brain storming by allowing yourself to look at the problem and to create the best solution for the problem in design terms. Allowing for one self to create multiple solutions will broaden the solution and form later for the best possible solution to be created.

Word lists - is basically stretching but in language putting all words and adjectives that come to mind about our topic. This allows for the designer to envision the different possibilities the design could go and relates language to designing yet again.

Outlines - outlines allow for problem and solutions to be created in an orderly fashion to make sure all is being incorporated into the solution. It allows for more structure to be put into your brainstorming and your ideas to start coming together, and be framework for the design.

Writing and critiques - Allow for other peoples input to be taken in to consideration on your design and by displaying your work next to others you can see where you fall on the lines of the project as well as get some feedback to better enhance your composition. Methods are critiques are all useful in trying to get information to the designer about their work from silent notes to out loud discussion allowing more opinions can best result in a job well done.

Reflective writing- can help you gather your thoughts about the project as a whole. It will help your from later projects to see how your work and what helped you best and allows for you to relax from the design mind and go to the summarizing mind set.

Journals and sketches - allow you to be more visual in you’re brainstorming process and allow for creative ideas to be put on paper and document what is happening throughout the project. These pieces allow for you to always be able to document ideas and then have a strong process book in the end.

Free write -- Great Gatsby

G.G. is full of adventure and mystery in how the characters interact with each other the way the book was written it almost seemed like what was happening is in the love of the characters also told what was happening with the scenery around them. The book is told from nick’s point of view after he moves to New York and lives on the west egg island across form the east egg island where his cousin daisy lives and her husband tom. Nick is a young man who just landed a wealthy job in the stock market. This was written around the time that the young were landing jobs and accessing a lot of money. The book gives a feel of snobbishness fro the young men and women at the beginning and over confidence in money, which eventually leads to total destruction of the characters. The feel of this book to me is murky and evolved into a type of evil that rest insides the bodies of the young and wealthy. Love tries to peek through in many ways however also breaking up many relationships and in the end the evil wins out many die and nothing has become of the world today. This book also gives a feeling on clueless ness involved with the characters and their actions of money and relationships with one another and spouses. Almost as if they wanted everything of theirs to be invisible to the eye and be able to be inspected by all who can look. Many times the book takes a rollercoaster feel with one day doing great in relationships and the other someone comes along and it is broken up. Their seemed like their could have been resentment in the way that F Scot Fitzgerald wrote his book in how he though money of the young generations is getting exploited and taken for granted and when money devours your life there is nothing else to look forward too. In the end life goes on and the feel of starting over is released from the book. If I were to create a novel cover for this book my colors would be green and black and brown and gray and I would want to make it seem like romance but something is off about it. I would want their to be a since of feeling that there is good in the hearts of the young and wealthy but the evil extol their little bit of good. The cover would have a feeling of awkwardness and out of place and nothing can be too perfect on the outside everything looks great but deep down there is a whole lot of hurt going on.

Word List - Great Gatsby


Bright Bold

Out there

































Over indulgence



















Not right

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