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Type 2 - three book choices

1) Red Badge of Courage

a. Stephen crane

b. American novelist and a short story writer, poet and journalist

· Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893)

· The Red Badge of Courage (1895)

· The Black Riders and Other Lines (1895)

· George's Mother (1896)

· The Open Boat and Other Tales of Adventure (1898)

· War is Kind (1899)

· Active Service (1899)

· The Monster and Other Stories (1899)

· Wounds in the Rain (1900)

· The O'Ruddy (1903)

c. Henry and Jim go to war where they want to be brave and earn the honor that war can give you but Henry once in the presence of war fears war and runs away. In his journey away we feel ashamed and then meets up with injured soldiers who make him feel bad so he runs away and finds Jim about to die and feels guilty for not staying then as Henry runs out to see why they are retreating he gets knocked on the head and wakes up at camp where he is treated and thought to be shot in the head. Henry now has a change of heart and runs fearlessly out to fight and helps his troops win.

d. Courage, fear, mistakes, heart ache, scared, brave, shocking

e. To never give into fear and know the real glory in from with in not the braving that is seen

f. Battles in war and has a difficult task of deciding life or bravery

g. Tugs at fear and tries to break down the hero

h. “He felt that in this crisis his laws of life were useless”

i. “He suddenly lost concern for himself, and forgot to look at a menacing fate.”

ii. “His self-pride was now entirely restored.”

i. The cover to me felt to clique to war and needed to be more about the inside battle of the main characters heart

2) Great Expectations

a. Charles Dickens

b. Most popular English novelist

· A Christmas Carol

· A Message from the Sea

· A Tale of Two Cities

· All The Year Round

· American Notes

· Barnaby Rudge

· Bleak House

· David Copperfield

· Dombey and Son

· Great Expectations

· Hard Times

· Holiday Romance

· Hunted Down

· Little Dorrit

· Martin Chuzzlewit

· Master Humphrey's Clock

· Mudfog and Other Sketches

· Nicholas Nickleby

· Oliver Twist

· Our Mutual Friend

· Reprinted Pieces

· Sketches by Boz

· Stories About Children Every Child Can Read

· The Battle of Life

· The Chimes

· The Cricket on the Hearth

· The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

· The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices

· The Mystery of Edwin Drood

· The Old Curiosity Shop

· The Pickwick Papers

· The Uncommercial Traveller

c. Pip a young boy has an encountering life as he first runs into a man escaping from jail who has him steel things. He then visit’s Miss Havashams’ house where meets a young girl names Estella and falls in love with her even though she is cruel to him. Pip then comes over quit frequently to try to impress Estella then moves away. On his return he goes back to the house and talks to ms havasham who was killed in a fire soon after. Pip then leaves and runs into the convict yet again and tries to let him escape and learns that he is the dad of Estella. Years later pip returns to find Estella divorced and her heart changes and they fall in love again.

d. To never judge a person and treat them badly

e. Tries to be nice to all and become a wealthy man able to take care of his lover

f. Is greed and money that pulls away at his heart and tears him down

g. “My convict looked round him for the first time, and saw me . . . I looked at him eagerly when he looked at me, and slightly moved my hands and shook my head.”

i. “if you had done this, and then, for a purpose, had wanted her to take naturally to the daylight and she could not do it, you would have been disappointed and angry?”

ii. “She lived and found powerful friends. She is living now. She is a lady and very beautiful. And I love her!”

h. many different angles that the cover could be designed from and I thought typography would be a fun addition to this book

3) The Great Gatsby

a. F. Scott Fitzgerald – greatest American novels of the 20th c. also wrote many short stories and films

b. Other books

· This Side of Paradise (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1920)

· The Beautiful and Damned (New York: Scribner, 1922)

· The Great Gatsby (New York: Scribner, 1925)

· Tender Is the Night (New York: Scribner, 1934)

· The Last Tycoon – originally The Love of the Last Tycoon – (New York: Scribners, published posthumously, 1941)

· Flappers and Philosophers (Short Story Collection, 1920)

· Tales of the Jazz Age (Short Story Collection, 1922)

· All the Sad Young Men (Short Story Collection, 1926)

· Taps at Reveille (Short Story Collection, 1935)

· Babylon Revisited and Other Stories (Short Story Collection, 1960)

· The Pat Hobby Stories (Short Story Collection, 1962)

· The Basil and Josephine Stories (Short Story Collection, 1973)

· The Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald (Short Story Collection, 1989)

c. Nick is the main character of the novel is a young man who acquired wealth at an early age and lives on one of the two islands near New York. He lives next to Jay Gatsby who always puts on parties every Saturday and over indulges in his money. Nick is a cousin to daisy who is married to tom and lives on the other side of the second island. Nick visits daisy and her friend is over named Jordan that nick falls in love with but she cannot be trusted. Tom soon reveals that he has a lover in New York that he goes to see and Gatsby reveals that he has always been in love with daisy and throws parities to get her attention. Soon Gatsby and daisy meet and rekindle their love and tom, daisies husband gets mad and takes himself Gatsby nick and daisy into new York where toms lover gets killed by a car that daisy is driving. Tom tells George who is toms lovers husband that Gatsby killed his wife and George goes to kill Gatsby and himself afterward. Nick breaks up with Jordan and moves away and daisy and tom move away to live together again.

d. To trust no one and money can not buy happiness

e. Protagonist, Gatsby, tries to attract his long lost love by money but ends up protecting her till he passes away and his money couldn’t by him happiness

f. Antagonist tom cheats many out of his way and tries to get around all of his secrets and in the end he ends winning over both women who love him and destroying the men who loves his wife.

g. Quotes

i. “After Gatsby’s death the East was haunted for me like that, distorted beyond my eyes’ power of correction”

ii. “Only wind in the trees, which blew the wires and made the lights go off and on again as if the house has winked into the darkness”

iii. “I hope she’ll be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

This book has many different themes and representation that could have the chance to be very interesting and visually appealing. The book cover now is very in cohesive and not inviting to the reader. However there are many possibilities and different paths that could possibly make the cover as exciting as the drama on the inside.

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