Monday, January 24, 2011

This means that

Signs are how we interpret things and different signs can be interpretation of different meanings to different people. Using the right signs in the right context helps best get the point across to the viewer. All humans feel the need to show signs and tell stories. How we show our signs and how other interprets them is a major factor in getting the meaning of the sign across.

Apple – fruit, sin, deceit (known widely and common)

Dots – possibly numbers or a pattern (brail meaning blind)

Woodcarving – (map)

· Degree of resemblance between the signifier and the signified

Woman in photograph – murdered (real events have been faked)

Swastika – control, power, evil, death of Jews –

“I shop therefore I am” – meaning your somebody for shopping – French philosopher

Mona Lisa – famous painting (presentation, representational, mechanical

“I didn’t eat grandmother’s chocolate cake” – secretive, possibly joking with the girl – how we interpret it and how we make sense of the message

-- Ways of meaning—

The way me mean might be real or it might refer to something else such as sarcasm or a vague response

Non-literal has to decipher what it means

Which three are more alike – circles (answer depends on you)

Perfume is to girl or pretty or expensive


Elvis Presley -- symbols of hair

Most goes back to whom your audience is and how well you are trying to get the point across to that audience. Many signs can have different interpretations and its up to the designer to create simple recognizable symbols to help get the message across

chip kidd: Q and A

creating the whole of the composition was his favorite

sense from the manuscript how to write a good book results in good design

avoid literal and expand – go broad and make the viewer think

took a chance on new translation of the new testament with dead man face – failed

make an interesting design that also has mass appeal

cover the genre in a way that is unique to the story of that book

ideas come from everywhere

cd covers – dying, magazine cover chaotic, book cover – sensible

book covers are smarter and useful

step mag

books are now a multipersonal experience on creating

good books are going to convey the essence of the book in a structure that is easy yet takes a moment o figure out – allow the book to make a good first impression

make the cover appear larger and more attractive

music open to interpretation and the book is not

easy to clutter a page

build a reputation that people start to trust and give more freedom to

personas and scenarios

have a goal of your audience and place it more specific the better

brief profile that helps you outline who you are targeting and how you will be able to target them. Identify main audience ask questions and relate the information back to how your can interest them he most, create lists and attributes to your clients

useful in being specific to choosing certain design standards and colors and typefaces to allow specific people to be targeted

couldn’t locate chip kidd :series, covers article

what makes a successful book jacket?

Visually appealing, different from others, attracts the eye, reach the target audience, get the information on their cohesively, text and visual imagery combine and not combat, create overall mood of the book without given away the story too much, unique unseen material.

visual appealing, very interesting, unique and keeps you guess on what the story is about, as a creep feel about it, color palette suggesting about a girl, title works with imagery-little placed on
uses layering and texture to create, allows viewer to want to touch the texture, cohesive with text and imagery even though its split up, different, doesn't tell the whole story
great imagery to stop and look at as well as leaves the viewer wanting to know more about the characters covered up. Type is a little week and in coherent with the image.

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