Sunday, May 8, 2011

Journal Entry 14

What inspired me most this semester? The most inspiring project or aspect to this class, Typography 02 would be a combination of the first two projects because the first project allowed for a chance to really pull and design for an audience with a specific theme and the second project allowed us to really be in control of the type and the look on the page with a lot of text. I use to think large amounts of text were the most annoying thing to look at on a pager when in reality if handled with precision and correctness of leading and kerning and font selection it can really make the page look quite nice and give the page visual texture. I also enjoyed watching the AIGA films about our generation where the design field is going and how it will be in the next 10 years. It excites me and motivates e to work hard and keep exploring because of what has already been done and the because the same stuff doesn't interest people but new designs and visual interests do. This year was definitely a growing year for me and my abilities as well as a growing year for my skills with the programs as I explored many new options for how to handle text with indesign and illustrator and even after effects. I will be able to use these foundation elements to be able to correct the minute details for the final project.

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