Sunday, May 1, 2011

journal entry 13

Read write world went to read only world - the artistic word is to revive the read write culture. Animate music video take from television and reused with tracks. Technique had been democratized the tools of creativity have become speech how our kids think and how they speak growing debate about the sides - one side being able to take about any content that has copy rite to take it down. The kids of the culture have a growing copy rite considerations and believe the law is just in the way. The balance -- looking first to government but it failed because the courts are to passive but more the economy of influence governs how the government functions. We need a solution that is private . This solution legalizes what it mean to be young again. Competition achieve some form of balance. We need 2 types of changes, that artist and creator embrace the idea that their work can be down freely. And second the business that are pushing out the read and write culture need to embrace this culture and they are able to grow. More free can compete with less free. BMI teaches us that artist choice is the key to advancing new technologies. Kids culture - the kids are different from us - technology has made us different cant kill technology can not stop the kids but need to encourage the correct response to culture and to law that is respectful. Do better allowing kids to know what the law is and encourage creativity but not at the price of the law. I agree with Larry in his terms of this generartion and the way we interpret the law. Because we are now seeing parents use free will and choice children of the age are also taking laws and ruls into their own hands and allowing for the rules to not affect what happens or how the young people act. With design and creating there is a fine line between creating and copying and the redoing of someones work hurts the overall aspect of design.

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