Saturday, March 5, 2011

Journal Entry 6

What single example of design inspires you most?

Jessica Hische - the works that students are doing now and that the students will be doing in the next few years -- type design and lettering smashing pumpkins album

Kit Hinrichs - typography not the letter forms themselves but the way the letter forms are expressed and their emotional values that creates them ( delicate, bold, obscure) all kinds of things are part of the message - an art form

Deborah Adler - Pieta in Rome by michael angelo - connected to the piece and feel what she was feeling and gave off raw emotion - that we could strive for in design work

Ken Carbone - engeinutity utility and beautify - its a great idea and its its useful it is essentially beautiful ( drum) - water - live in africa carrying water ( water retrieval device) large flat doughnut with a cap (fill water into the drum) - carry the drum back and easy to carry

gong szeto - maps and visualization ( heartland - designer who makes amazing maps) - sheer volume of work of the map to tell a story and points of view - knowledge of the word through images and maps

what problem should design solve next?

Jessica Hische - address the problems that are going to happen with the death of print and the transition to the web

Kit Hinrichs - security before getting on the air plane -- conveyer belts that were designed a long time ago and look at a new design- industrial designer

Deborah Adler - not be defined by athletic and style but thinking about the person who is at the heart of that design and realizing who you are designing for

Ken Carbone - absolutely anything to do with education - teacher should be twice as much as lawyers - unformed society doesn't have much future ( transfer of information leads to education which leads to knowledge and the result is empowerment)

Gong Szeto - the power of thoughtful design in telling a story and transmuting critical knowledge working in the area that we make practicality and making the world smarter with design

My answers to the questions -

What single exempt of design inspires you most? I have never really thought about this questions in a practical way I guess many things that have to do with graphics and advertising inspire me but i would say the design of nature and the trees and floral things that help create a cleaner environment - I also think that we can design off of the complexity yet simplicity of nature and the things that we are given around us.

What problem should design solve next? I think design should help solve the small supply of food and water and medicine for the third-world countries I think there should be a industrial design firm who could come up with something that would make food and water last longer without going bad or clean up cities and streets for the health of people

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