Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal entry 5

Jonathan Harris - Cold and Bold

kept very elaborate sketch books (photos sketches watercolor, ticket stubs) use new skill set of thought to have the same humanity level as sketch books word count, and 10x10 metaphor of an apartment building - typography system consisting of 3d lights and person in each apartment inside -- concept been taken and had to go back to scratch and learn new solution to problem - wrote a program (large and complicated) create a project for love and self. I have to live to work. That’s what Hemingway used to say computer program a beautiful thing small and smile and can turn into a nightmare. total rationality of the computer program can be traced back to the problem and can be fixed, the act of expression code hard to express yourself act of expression then a painter of sculptor. Resistance of the medium. the code that is resisting to the way in which you want it to work and being sensitive to the media. The web is a new program of the early 90's then the housing idea came into play with many companies home pages and navigation that are lost in transition between designer and company. outcomes over ideas - idea is not the goal but the goal is the goal the idea i how you work your way up to the outcome - how does the outcome make you feel?

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